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How best to store your biltong

Biltong is always best eaten fresh. I never freeze my biltong. When you buy Angus & Jack’s Biltong, you can be assured it is as fresh as it gets. So please don’t wait. Eat it! 

It is however possible to store your biltong,  locking in that lovely fresh flavour if you follow 5 essential biltong storage tips set out below.

Biltong is the most popular South African snack, it’s an institution, a bit like the English Sunday roast. It’s the most common savoury snack to enjoy around the Braai (BBQ) especially when it’s fresh.

Fresh biltong is at its best within 5 days of opening. How to store your biltong, really depends on how long you need to store it for. A large unsliced slab of biltong, will keep the moisture locked in and will typically last longer than sliced, which will have more area exposed to lose moisture.  

Best not to store Biltong in plastic. The moisture will be trapped and could make it mouldy. I have to post my biltong vacuum packed in plastic. But once you receive it, best to get it out of the plastic, into a paper bag. Keep it in a fridge. Even though it’s a cured product, biltong needs to be treated like a meat product. Store it in a cool, dark dry place.

Do not store biltong in a warm humid environment, or in the sun, or where there is no airflow. Best to refrigerate it. Move your sliced biltong in its bag regularly. I sell my sliced biltong slightly pink. So there is risk of it going mouldy, if not stored correctly. 

Biltong can be frozen, if you want to keep it longer term. Just be careful when thawing it. Best to freeze it vacuum packed. And un-packing it onto paper towel when thawing. 

5 essential biltong storage tips

It doesn’t matter too much if you store your biltong in whole slabs or if you pre-slice before you store, these biltong storage tips cover both.

  1. Never store Biltong in plastic, it will not allow biltong to naturally breathe and will encourage mould growth.

  2. A large uncut slab of biltong will keep the moisture and flavour locked in for longer storage. Ask me if you prefer your biltong as an uncut stick.

  3. Keep biltong in a paper bag in the fridge. This is the best short term (up to 5 days) storage method. You could also wrap it in newspaper if you don’t have a paper bag. Move the slices around in the paper bag regularly.

  4. Vacuum pack, frozen, for longer-term storage. Up to say 6 months. Be careful when thawing it. Keep it dry! 

  5. Mould - attack early signs of the mould with a clean cloth dipped in vinegar. If excessively covered, then bin it.

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