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Hand crafted, freshly cut, slowly air dried, carefully cured, premium beef biltong

Made from locally sourced, quality free range beef from Buckinghamshire

My grandfather, who I was named after, was an inspiring man. He was a Springbok rugby player, a well known barrister, as well as a beef farmer in my native South Africa. But above all that, he made the best biltong. The rest of my family are very experienced biltong grazers. I aim to keep my grandfather’s legacy alive by making real authentic tasting biltong here in Britain. Our biltong is named after my two lively toddlers, Jack and Angus. I buy beef from a few wonderful beef producing farms in Buckinghamshire. The awesome quality, free range beef, is the star of this show. The yummy family recipe spice mix, the careful hand curing and slow air drying process, adds to the magic. 

I don’t freeze my beef or biltong. I make it, cut it and sell it fresh. You might have to wait a few days until the next batch is ready if I am sold out. But it is worth the wait. 

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I think the best biltong I have ever tasted, was from a modest butchery in a tiny dorpie on the Route 62, in the middle of the Klein Karoo, South Africa. Man, it was just right. Fresh, quite pink in the middle, like a medium rare fillet steak. The flavour just incredible. 
I always aim to re-create that taste. I want people to take their first bite of Angus & Jack’s biltong and be transported to those vast open spaces, the scent of the unique Karoo shrubs and herbs. I want people to say: ‘this is the best biltong I have ever tasted!’ 
The (not so) secret is to use the best beef money can buy. I buy directly from a few local Buckinghamshire beef producing farms. I help them, and they help me. Keeping things local. You know where the animals roamed. You know the people who reared it. 
The spice recipe is actually the real secret. I am always experimenting with flavours. But my grandfather’s recipe, recreates that authentic yummy cured beef flavour native South Africans know so well. It’s a taste overseas visitors discover when visiting Southern Africa. That authentic flavour you crave when living in the UK.
Come on a taste journey with me to the Karoo in South Africa, with Angus & Jack’s Biltong. Proudly made in England. 

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